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More than Pruning & Trimming

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The Orchids are arranged in over 1800 genera divided into some 30,00 species.
This database is a guide to the orchidophilists, teachers, students and Orchid-lovers at all.


PRUNING in orchids are applied only for removing dead leaves or with diseases or the flowering branches that no longer have flowers, dividing the plant or even for separating new buds (called keikis).

Pruning Orchids

Pruning in landscaping and gardening is the practice of removing diseased, non-productive, or otherwise unwanted portions from a plant. A good tree surgeon Leeds will allow for quick healing and promote vigorous growth from the closest bud to the cut.

The pruning tool should be a small gardening scissor always sterilized with fire at every new cut on the plant.

To divide the plant, each part should have at least three bulbs, taking the care not to hurt the roots that should have green tips, at Summer or winter so the pruning may be made at ideal conditions.

Monopodial orchids (like Vandas) have a vertical growing and may reach several meters high. In this case you may cut the plant under at least 2 or more roots and make a new one.

If the base gets some pairs of leaves it will keep its normal growing.

The old pseudo-bulbs, even if they don´t have leaves, should be kept in the plant for they still have nutrients necessary to the development of the plant.